Dead End - movie poster


short | with: Timothy James | 16mm | 7min | 1999

A man parks his car on top of the office parking structure, like he does every morning, since years and years and years. As he exits the elevator he finds himself on the top floor of the structure again. He tries the stairs – but again he ends up on the top. Whatever he does, he seems to be eternally trapped in the parking structure that has become his prison. Until he makes a decision…

This is my first short film. Well not the first – I did experiment a lot with Super8 filming and editing in my teens. So let’s say, the first film as an adult. I was studying music and sound engineering at USC (University of Southern California in Los Angeles), and just for fun enrolled in a film class for non-majors. During this class, and the process of drafting and writing the script, I had one of these magic, life-changing experiences. I lived the film, I breathed the film, I even dreamt its ending one night. And standing on the very chaotic set of the one-day 16mm shoot amongst a group of non-majors scratching their heads I somehow knew instantly – and intuitively – that somehow, in some way I knew what I was doing. It felt right. And even today, after all this time, I wonder how, knowing nothing about film form, camera angles and visual language to begin with, I managed to get a decent film done – against all odds of insane production environments and personal ignorance. I just knew this was right for me. So I decided to switch from pursuing a music career  to becoming a filmmaker and enrolling in the proper training. And this is the film that did it to me.

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