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web comedy show | starring David Conolly, Anne Girard and Brian Zuanich | USA 2011
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A bi-weekly spoof newscast on the web that rarely bothers with the trivia of… news. Hosted by the unflappable David Conolly and featuring satirical sketches and regular punditry from: Brian Zuanich as the nihilistic sports reporter Drew P. Bauls; Annie Girard as the meteorologically challenged weather girl, Gusty Winds; and Robert Narholz as Rob Ott, the geographically ambiguous technological expert… All in all just like the real news, really. HINDSIGHT NEWS – CAN’T CHANGE IT NOW!

This marks my second collaboration with the filmmaker’s dynamic duo David Conolly and Hannah Davis. I was rather new to standup, while David was quite seasoned. Both of us were equally frustrated with the current L.A. comedy scene, where the concept of ‘bringer shows’ (the comedian is required to bring their own paying audience to the club, otherwise he/she is not admitted on stage) prevails. Running out of friends to bring to shows, we opted to take control over our comedic platform again and produce a web show that would allow us to do what we wanted, und publish it according to our own wantings.

We teamed up with the immensely talented Annie Girard as the weather girl Gusty Winds and insanely funny Brian Zuanich as the senior sports anchor Drew P. Bauls to form the HINDSIGHT news cast team. We wrote and performed together, and, well – democracy is a bitch! I wasn’t used to this kind of communal effort of creation, so it was quite an experience for me. Some of the sketches are legendary, though – most notably the NFL Slave Owner bit with Drew P. Bauls. A classic.

We did five episodes in season one, season two is yet to come. You can watch all the episodes of season one here:

EPISODE 101: “The Introduction”
Gusty Juggles, Drew’s Pointless LIfe, Rob’s Calculator Problems, The Sperm Bank

EPISODE 102: “Immigration Special”
Gusty’s Language Lesson, Drew About Dave’s Immigrant Atatus, Rob Solves the Green Card Problem, Expert Interview: The Immigrator

EPISODE 103: “Labor Special”
Gusty forgets to prepare the weather, Drew on location, Strike at Hindsight Studios

EPISODE 104: “Money Special”
The Financial Expert , Wolfgang Gruber in Love, Weather in Hollywood with Gusty Winds, Drew P. Bauls Interviews NFL Team Owner Pat Mooney

EPISODE 105: “Food and Nutrition”
The Bikini Diet, The Weather and Nutrition, Cocky Balboa

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