Lovers & Other Problems (aka Mothers and Daughters) - movie poster

aka LOVERS & OTHER PROBLEMS | feature | with Jean Boht, Miranda Hart | by David Conolly and Hannah Davis | 80min | USA 2009
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A British therapist who manages to trace her female clients’ personal and romantic problems back to their relationships with their mothers finds her work coming back to haunt her in this witty and racy black comedy, as everyone’s sexy secrets are revealed during a dinner party that descends into chaos. Jean Boht, Miranda Hart, and husband/wife co-creators David Conolly and Hannah Davis star.

This was my first collaboration with my friends David Conolly and Hannah Davis. We had met at one of these bizarre out-of-date-star-studded dinners in the Hollywood Hills, introduced by our common friend Jerry Rudes. Jerry was the director of the Avignon Film Festival, and both Hannah/David and I had screened our films there with great success. They had just wrapped their film “The Understudy”. “Mothers and Daughters” was their first film, which had had a successful festival run (including Cannes), but never got distribution. I was gladly able to help them reformat their film somewhat and support them in positioning it in the UK market by self-powered release – which helped them to pick up a US distribution deal for the film. David later got the ‘comedy bug’, just as I did, but much worse – and is now a respected stand up comedian (next to being a filmmaker, of course). Together (with Hannah, Anne Girard and Brian Zuanich) we got the web comedy show HINDSIGHT NEWS off the ground.

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