Title tracks for movies

I do historically shy away from scoring my films, as others – especially my brother Gregor – are so much better at it. I do, however, love to get involved in the title tracks… this is for me the icing on the cake, the one great pleasure to wrap a project up with.

The first title song I did was for AFTER A LONG DAY I WOKE UP. I wrote the song “What a Wonderful Universe” and performed the vocal, my brother contributed the beautiful orchestral score. I still love the song.

For THE LEAVING I teamed up with the great American Blues Artist Marcus Milius to transcribe the old Austrian folk song “Brüderlein Fein” from 3/4 to 4/4, to “blues it up” and add some English lyrics to it. Marcus performs the music and sings a duet with the star of the film, Elisatbeth. So much fun.

For TAKE ME HOME  I again resurrected an old Austrian traditional, “Heidschi Bumbeidschi Bumbum”. The original deals with a child waking up and his/her mother being gone. It’s labeled a “lullabye”… how cruel can it get? I used to weep loudly when hearing it as a child (coincidentally, “Heidschi” was the nickname my father used for my mother… that really did it for me). As the film is about the mother leaving (or being separated from) the child, this song fits perfectly. I did some initial pop arrangement and recorded some basic tracks, my brother arranged and recorded a string section over it. And then we recorded the vocals, a duet between Heidelinde Pfaffenbichler – a wonderful actress and singer, who played the nurse in the film – and myself. Again, much fun.

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